Strategic Staffing: Attracting Top Talent With Your Online Presence


More than one-third of all new marriages start with an online introduction. If social media is a valid place to meet your mate, you can bet it’s also an ideal spot to meet your next best employee.

A strong online brand will establish your company as a leader, and is a lucrative way to expand your network of possibilities. You can connect with customers and clients all over the world, but you can also solidify your reputation with potential employees. Online doesn’t just mean a website anymore. To build a robust online presence, you need to address social media, too.

Tap into new ideas

If your sales have slumped or it has been ages since new technology has come into the plant, it might be time to bring in new perspectives. A strong online presence connects you to high-level executives, ones with innovative ideas about how to help companies grow. Your website and social media posts have a ripple effect, exposing your company to a wider audience, filled with top talent you might not otherwise meet.

Be active and consistent

An empty, outdated website or LinkedIn page is honestly worse than no online presence at all. If a potential employee checks your website to submit an application and sees you haven’t updated since 2002, they may be inclined to think that you run an outdated workforce. Top talent want to get excited about working for an employer. By creating a strong brand online, you will draw in talented candidates out in the real world.

Top talent want to be part of an industry leader

Your business has been in the game a while and is an expert at what you do, be it manufacturing, automotive or industrial. You know this, but how many candidates do? A strong online presence gives you a place to share industry advice, expert opinions, business tips and proven techniques. This insight shows potential candidates that they could be part of a cutting-edge authority in your field. This encourages the best of the best to compete for a position in your ranks.

Benefit from free (or cheap) PR and advertising

You can post videos, images, white papers and blogs all right on your website, Facebook or LinkedIn page. You can reach millions just by starting a blog where you can show how your company successfully promotes work-life balance or manages your employee recognition program. A strong online presence could be the just the thing you need to make deeper connections with top talent in your industry.
Last year alone, Malone Staffing Solutions helped hundreds of companies boost their profits by connecting them to high-quality candidates at all levels. Whether you’re looking for new decision makers or capable mid- or entry-level employees, our top talent has the skills you need to advance in the modern world of business. Contact us today!


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