Why You Shouldn’t Stall Your Job Search During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time, bringing in a huge boost in sales and production. This means that many companies are looking for new permanent hires and contingent labor. Many businesses are already stretched thin trying to meet production quotas. Their distribution, manufacturing and light industrial workers might be overworked or over-stressed.

This is exactly why you shouldn’t stall your job search during the holidays.

Warehouses and plants are often looking for ways to boost morale and the bottom line during the holidays, and new hires are a great solution. With the right tactics, you could find your job search even more successful with a holiday hunt. Here are some ways to make sure your resume gets noticed during the season:

Show that you are a solution, not just an employee

You know that you excel at exceeding production quotas, which is why any company would be thrilled to have you on the line during the busy holiday season. When applying for new opportunities, promote yourself not only as a qualified employee, but as a way to keep up with increasing customer needs. In your cover letter or interview, explain how you’re the best person to keep production schedules on time.

Reach out to your network

The holidays are a great time to check-in with your network. Give your references a call or shoot them an email to let them know you’re on the hunt. Reach out to former co-workers or other professional peers to see what openings their companies may have. Always ask if they’re comfortable dropping your name to the hiring team. They might even stand the chance of getting a bonus or a pay bump if their company has a referral program.

Broaden your approach and use all resources

The holiday season is a busy time for staffing firms, too. Many of them, especially us here at Malone Staffing Solutions, see an uptick in client needs. Our experienced recruiters have great resources and connections to help you land your next job. Whether you want seasonal contingent employment or a permanent career, a staffing firm can be your ticket to landing the perfect job no matter the time of year.  
Partnering with Malone Staffing Solutions can open up your possibilities for highly sought-after positions at some of the best companies. We work with you, learning how your individual skills, talents and goals will fit in with leading businesses in your field. Whether you want a contingent opportunity or a direct placement, we can help you land a great job even during the busy holidays. Contact us today!


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