What Flexible Work Options do Your Employees Value Most?

High turnover can not only cost your company productivity, it can cost you profits as well. That’s why it is so important to create a workforce that emphasizes job satisfaction. When your employees are happy, they work harder. When they feel valued, they value their work. One way you can improve productivity and reduce turnover is to provide flexible work options.

Many managers hesitate to offer flexible work options because they fear losing control of their employees. How can management keep everything straight if Bob from accounting is working from home while Jill on the plant floor comes in between 10 and noon? While flexible options do require management to be more organized, it is often an efficient way to create a more robust workplace. The experienced recruiters at Malone Staffing Solutions have come up with a few successful ways you can try to provide the work environment your employees will value.

Flexible Hours and Remote Opportunities

Who says light industrial work has to happen exclusively between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? Does your medical biller and coder always have to be physically present to get the job done? Some workers are more productive in the morning, while others are more alert in the afternoons. Some are distracted by the bustle of the office and find they can get much more done in the quiet of their homes. Improve employee morale by giving your workers the freedom they need to be the most productive. Offering a variety of shifts and access to remote working conditions can give these workers the flexibility they need to be productive, confident and satisfied.

Diverse Tasks and Professional Development

Office and industrial workers often find themselves with repetitive tasks. This can cause boredom and a decrease in job satisfaction. Sometimes this can even result in a lack of attention to detail, which might cause safety issues or quality control problems. Your employees need to be stimulated by new tasks, specialized training and opportunities for growth. If you don’t give your best employees the chance to take on a variety of tasks, they will go find someone who will. You can keep them satisfied and productive by offering sessions to develop new skills and opportunities to drive decisions in leadership roles.

Offer Optional Overtime

Let your employees take on additional hours when they want. Be sure to emphasize that they can say no and they won’t be penalized. However, take time to thank those that consistently and reliably take on extra work. Overtime pay is certainly a nice pad to the paycheck, but consider buying lunch for those working Saturday hours or handing out coffee shop gift cards for those that stay late into the night. Some employees will frequently accept overtime hours, while others might only do it near holidays. Be sure that everyone has an equal chance to bring in extra money when it’s available.

You don’t have to completely change your company culture to start offering flexible work options, but you do have to change your mindset. Most importantly, you can expect immediate success. Be prepared to tweak things a bit until your workplace finds its groove. It may make more work for managers initially, but overall, flexible work options have shown to boost productivity, reduce sick leave and improve production quality. Malone Staffing Solutions has outstanding opportunities to help you with your staffing needs. Call us today!


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