Tips to Improve Your Staffing Partnership

You’re just a few months away from your busiest season, but you aren’t so sure your current staff can handle the increased workload. You work pretty well with your staffing agency, but your company has grown, and you aren’t sure the firm is still in touch with your needs. Business is steady and slowing down to conduct a search for contingent workers is simply not an option.

Outsourcing your workforce can make a huge difference in morale, productivity and turnover. However, if you’re not maximizing the leverage you have with your staffing firm, your connection to the best workers might be slipping. Here are a few simple ways you can boost your staffing partnership.

Let Them Know Who the Right Candidate Is

Most businesses need flexibility to beat the competition, and access to a flexible workforce is one tool for success. Be sure to let your staffing firm know the qualities you’re looking for down to the most finite details. Whenever your business needs change, keep your staffing partner informed, so the recruiters can quickly find an employee who exemplifies those qualities and fits the need.

Be Open to Their Suggestions

Make your relationship with a staffing firm a partnership instead of a service provider. As a business owner, you have many responsibilities, while recruiters have just one – finding you the right hire. Let them do their jobs. They know more about job market trends and candidate searches. Listen to their perspective on your candidate opportunities and allow them to tweak the hiring strategy if they believe it will attract better resumes and applications.

Keep In Touch

Even when you’re not in need of contingent, temp-to-hire or direct hire employees, check in with your recruiting partner on a regular basis. Maintaining this connection may prove invaluable when an unexpected hiring need pops up suddenly. Because you’ve kept your staffing agency in the loop, recruiters will be able to select top candidates more quickly since they have a strong understanding of your current business needs.

Improving your relationship with your staffing partner will give you access to premium talent and will free up your time for the vital tasks that occur during the busy season. At Malone Staffing Solutions, we highly value our business partners. Whether you’re searching for direct hire employees or a contingent workforce, contact us today. Our staffing solutions can keep up with your changing needs.


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