Strategic Staffing: Selling an Opportunity to a Candidate

Today’s hiring process is a job seeker’s market. The competition to snag the best candidate is so much tougher now that we’re finally out of the Great Recession. With the economy on a steady uptick, business owners have to offer a lot more than a paycheck to attract high-quality candidates.

For many job seekers, a career is not all about the paycheck. These highly sought-after employees want a workplace that respects them and values a work-life balance. If you’re looking to attract talented workers, try out these helpful tips to sell a candidate on an opening.

Offer benefits that start within 30 days

If you need to sell your opening to a candidate you really want, try throwing out the 90-day status quo for benefits. Health packages are always a priority, but so is vacation, bonus pay, flextime, paid maternity and paternity leave. One of the best ways to draw in top talent is to get rid of the three-month probationary period and let them reap their benefits right away.

Introduce them to a vibrant workplace culture

Show them right away how they will be valued in the workplace. For healthcare staff, explain how doctors in your office genuinely listen to co-workers at all levels. For light industrial workers, open the door to relaxing employee lounges that allow them to take stretch breaks to prevent repetitive motion injuries. If you work in an office space, walk them through halls lined with vibrant art and lush, green nature.

Ensure opportunities to be a decision maker

Highly motived, highly driven candidates want to be part of something bigger. The best employees are movers and shakers, and they don’t want their innovative ideas to go to waste. Selling a candidate on a position requires you to show them their place now and five years from now. Show them that they’ll have opportunities to collaborate, make decisions and work independently. Top candidates are looking for opportunity. They want to grow in their professions, as well as help the company grow.

Listen to their ideal work environment

If a candidate needs flextime or remote employment opportunities, consider how you can compromise to meet these needs. Selling a job opportunity to an ideal candidate means you might have to meet them in the middle. Don’t forget about office furniture – offer standing desks, ergonomic chairs and any other kinds of equipment that will entice a good worker.

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