Selecting the Best Professional References to Represent You

You spend months interviewing for a variety of open positions, from machinist to manufacturing. You finally find the right fit, one that you have all the certifications for, but, again, the phone doesn’t ring. You comb through your resume and cover letter, but you see no errors. Then you look at your list of references and realize they haven’t been updated in a long time. Has this ever happened to you?

Having the most up-to-date professional references is essential in the hiring process, especially for a plant or industrial company. You need to be sure your references are those that had an amazing experience with you and who would want to support your search for better opportunities. If your references don’t have that kind of loyalty and commitment, it will come out in the reference check and reflect poorly on your professionalism.

So how do you know which references to choose? Here are a few tips for making sure your professional references will help you land the ideal job.

Showcase your teamwork and ability to collaborate

Reference checks show potential employers a candid glimpse at your past performance, which is a major clue to future productivity. You want to give them some insight on how you work as part of a team and how you contribute to projects that span multiple departments. This shows the hiring team that you are reliable and easygoing. You have a personality that fits in with the group and the ability to work with others to tackle complex challenges.

Describe you as an essential employee

You’ll want a reference who won’t just verify the skills and experience listed on your resume, but who will go beyond that. Your best reference is one who knew that the entire company benefitted from your existence and that your shoes were hard to fill. A good reference is a manager who saw you consistently exceed quotas or a supervisor who saw your innovative ideas improve performance. Seek out a reference who will show you as more than an employee – you are a solution.

Choose a variety

Reference Red Flags: They all come from the same company. They are all really recent connections. They are all co-workers and not managers. If your professional reference list has any of these qualities, it’s time to revise. This gives the appearance that you only found success at one company or have a shady work history you’re trying to hide. If all of your references are co-workers, it gives the impression that you may not get along with authority figures. It’s not just about what your professional references say, but also who they are.

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