Workplace Safety: Five Tips to Make Safety a Priority

Safety practices can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. Whether you have new hires, contingent labor or employees who’ve been around for years, everyone must be on board with workforce safety.

That type of motivation, however, must come from the top.

When you look at the costs associated with safety issues, can you afford to slack off on your safety practices? The entire production line in an industrial company can slow to a halt for days or even weeks just because of one injury. This money loss sometimes doesn’t even compare to paying for medical bills, hiring new employees and possibly, paying hefty federal fines.

It takes planning and dedication to identify the challenges and create awareness of hazards on a site. However, the best way to inspire your workers to stay safe and secure is to not make them do it, but make them want to do it. Here are five tips to making a safer workplace a priority for all of your employees.

Five Tips to Protect Your Workforce

  • Hire bilingual workers: Make sure everyone can understand your instructions, no matter what native language they speak. Hiring employees who speak multiple languages can help ensure that all important information is received and understood. Be sure to use posters, manuals and signs written in each language spoken in your workplace.
  • Create a safety program: Provide additional training and create plans for using equipment. The more knowledge your workers have, the less likely an accident will occur. Be sure this program also celebrates safety milestones. Go a month without an injury and reward your employees with a catered lunch.
  • Mentorship programs: Encourage your workers to hold each other accountable for safety practices. Placing responsibility will empower them to think of safety first. Pair up employees who have a history of disregarding safety practices with others who make them a priority. Having your employees interact with each other will help you boost the safety of your work environment.
  • Daily safety meetings: Kick the day off with a football-like huddle that inspires and encourages your workers to stay up to date on safety measures. Make sure there is fluid and smooth communication about potential safety issues. These can also function as great motivational meetings, as well.
  • Signs, signals and barricades: Post signs and warnings around hazardous areas. Use signals to remind employees that caution and protective gear is needed to reduce accidents on site. Create team leaders and shift lead positions that are required to conduct a safety check every shift. Especially for hazardous areas, consider conducting routine safety checks every hour.

Safety is a top concern in every industry. When quota deadlines are approaching or workers get comfortable, sometimes they let safety practices slack. Encouraging them to stay on their game will not only keep them safe, it will increase productivity and help get the job done right and on time. That’s why Malone Staffing Solutions only places experienced, responsible workers with our clients. We know that safety is your top concern; that’s why it is also one of ours. Worry less; contact us today to find skilled, safety-first laborers that fit your needs.


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