Hiring New Employees? Why Personality Trumps Experience

In today’s fast-paced digital world, anyone can be a candidate for a job opening, but we know it takes more than just anyone to be a part of the team. When you find that professional whose skills perfectly match your needs, with a personality that fits your workplace culture, it’s like the moment when the glass slipper slid right on to Cinderella’s foot.

It’s a perfect fit.

However, few employers are lucky enough to find that fit for every open position. You don’t just need an employee who meets the minimum requirements; you need an employee with the personality to succeed in the position.

3 Benefits to Putting Personality Over Skills

Transferrable Skills Improve Overall Productivity

You’re interviewing a candidate who isn’t exactly overflowing with experience in your specific industry, but they have an uncanny ability to mitigate dilemmas and organize teams to work more efficiently. Though their skills might fall short, they just might be the fresh perspective you’ve been waiting for. For example, a candidate with customer-facing job experience just might have the type of personality that can help you strengthen your current and prospective client relationships.

High Energy is Contagious

Employee motivation and morale is always a challenge. Even when all the gears are moving smoothly, there is always one or two who fall behind. Hiring a high-energy candidate can motivate and inspire your other employees to work harder. High-energy workers, permanent or contingent, tend to fuel the whole team. Everyone gets a boost from their enthusiasm.

Self-Monitoring Frees Up Your Time

How many workers on your crew require handholding? I don’t mean the employee who needs occasional extra assistance when learning a new task, but the one who second-guesses themselves every day. Self-monitoring employees constantly observe star employees and management to learn the most efficient ways to produce. They reflect on their own work and tweak their processes to be the most productive. These kind of employees search for answers before asking, meaning that they gain greater insight and can adapt better to changes in the workplace.

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