Is Your Competition Winning the Top Talent?

Your reputation isn’t just about how clients see you; it’s also about how potential employees see you. The most talented employees in your industry are looking to be an essential part of a company’s future. Their motivation to work for you all depends on their perception of your workplace culture, the quality of your products and services, and the opportunities for advancement.

You hire top talent because you want the best. In order to keep these employees from getting scooped up by the competition, you need to give them options that emphasize their well-being and promote job satisfaction. Here are a few tips to ensure you snag the best workers, while your competition falls behind.

Go beyond the typical compensation package

It’s not just about money. Top-tier employees are looking for the best packages in healthcare, stock options, retirement plans, bonuses and incentives. Additional perks like on-site day care, yoga, occasional catered lunches and work-life balance are all very attractive to high-quality workers.

Offer flexible schedules

Today’s top workforce wants flexibility in their careers. By offering telecommuting, job sharing and/or four-day workweek options, you give star workers an opportunity to create an environment that lets them be the most productive. This also promotes a healthy work-life balance, one of the most appealing aspects of a company for top-tier workers.

Get creative with advertisement

Don’t settle for traditional “help wanted” ads in the newspaper; top talent isn’t looking there. Target your audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media outlets to harness the power of word of mouth. Let a recruiting firm spread the story about your company’s successful employees, unique work environment, innovative policies and community contributions.

Encourage training and development opportunities

Give your employees the time and opportunity to attend trainings, workshops and conferences that will help them build their skills and develop the qualities they need to advance their careers. When word gets out that your company is willing to invest in its employees, not only will that advance your workforce, but it will also advance your entire company.

Are you losing good workers? Does top talent often reject your employment offers? Whatever your particular staffing needs are, Malone Staffing Solutions can help you fill them.  Whether you are looking for contract workers or permanent placement for warehouse employees, contact us today and we’ll get you started on a path to attracting the most sought-after employees in your industry.


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