What to Listen for in a Candidate’s Elevator Pitch

Imagine you’re a candidate, waiting to interview for the job of your dreams. Suddenly, you’re asked to give an elevator pitch. You have 30 seconds to say who you are, why you’re here and what makes you a great fit for this job opening.

A candidate’s elevator pitch is often more revealing than their resume. Sometimes, it’s even more telling than the entire interview. Even though it’s only 30 seconds, an elevator pitch can tell you a great deal about a potential employee’s experience, ethics and goals. Since it’s so brief, these characteristics can be easy to miss. Here are the most important details you can discover by listening closely during a candidate’s elevator pitch.

  • The Person: The elevator pitch should not be all about the job, but also about the kind of person they will be in that position. Listen closely, and you can find out if they are a team player with a personality that will fit into your workplace culture.
  • The Professional: You’ve read the resume, so you should have some awareness of their experience. An elevator pitch allows candidates to emphasize their professional strengths, especially the ones they believe are most important to this job.
  • The Long Term: An elevator pitch should explain why they love this line of work and why they are interested in your company. You don’t want a worker just looking for a paycheck. You want an employee looking for a future.
  • The Drive: A candidate can convey to you what motivates them both directly and indirectly in an elevator pitch. Go beyond the word “hardworking” and find out what really drives them to succeed.
  • The Goals: Obviously this person is looking for work, but what are their goals, both professionally and personally? Do they want a meaningful career or low-stress work? More importantly, do their goals align with your company goals?
  • The Offer: An elevator pitch isn’t about bragging, it’s about persuading. The candidate should use the pitch to sell themselves to the hiring team. Their pitch should really emphasize how they can benefit your organization.

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