How to Overcome the Top Hiring Challenges Facing Employers

Even though the economy is on a steady incline, many employers are still facing significant staffing challenges. Some companies are trying to regain the ground they lost during the recession, while others are dealing with a market flooded with job seekers. This means that many human resources teams have to sift through numerous candidates before finding one who has the qualifications and skills to meet their needs.


How do companies plan on facing hiring challenges in 2015? Having worked with hundreds of companies in Michigan, Kentucky,Ohio and throughout the U.S., Malone Staffing Solutions has developed several simple ways that managers, especially in the light industrial and manufacturing fields, can tackle these hiring challenges. Having placed both contingent laborers and permanent employees in many of these positions, our experienced recruiters know firsthand how to overcome the top hiring challenges facing employers today.


Retain good employees: You need to keep your top performing talent on board if you want to boost productivity and profits. Making their job satisfaction a priority can help ensure that these skilled and dedicated employees stay loyal to your company. Provide opportunities for training, advancement and camaraderie. Be sure to also emphasize safety to keep your top performers working hard.


Employee recognition: A little recognition goes a long way for improving morale and job performance. Whether you give more frequent pats-on-the-back or implement a more formal recognition program, your employees will be more likely to produce when they know their work is valued.


More efficient hiring process: How long does it take to select a candidate, whether permanent or contingent? Once the position is open, how much time typically passes until it’s filled? Every second a job opening is vacant, especially in light industrial companies, is money lost. Creating a more efficient workflow for your hiring process will ensure that your vacant positions are quickly filled with high-quality candidates.


Creating flexible workplaces: Let your employees have some say in their shifts and schedules. If your payroll professionals like to come in bright and early, but your machinists are more productive at night, give them the freedom to be flexible. We know that some companies and production times must be on a certain schedule, but allow for flexibility whenever possible.


Bridging skills gaps: As your baby boomers retire and millennials come in, you’re bound to start noticing some skills gaps. Your older employees have experience on the equipment, but your younger skilled workers are more tech savvy. There are many ways to bridge a skills gap, but one of the most effective is starting a mentorship program. Not only will your light industrial workers and professional employees learn from each other, but they will also build a stronger sense of community in the workforce.


Many employers partner with staffing agencies to help improve their hiring process. If you’re interested in learning how Malone Staffing Solutions can help you overcome your staffing challenges, give us a call. We treat our clients like members of our team, allowing us to offer better staffing services with a more affordable rate.

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