Building Employee Loyalty

Frequent turnover is an expense few employers can afford. The cost of high turnover is especially jagged when it comes at the loss of a good employee. It’s up to you and your managerial staff to keep your workers engaged and excited about their jobs. Keeping your employees motivated and satisfied will help them deepen their connection to your company and your brand. This kind of loyalty builds dedicated hard workers and inspirational lifelong employees.


When loyalty starts to dwindle, both permanent and contract laborers feel the weight. They start to complain more, slack more and produce less. This creates a workforce environment ripe for unease and high turnover. However, when your employees are loyal, they are your best advocates and advertisers. All it takes is five easy steps to boost your workers’ sense of loyalty.

Appreciate Your Workers

If your employees feel underappreciated or undervalued, they won’t see their jobs as important. By recognizing their achievements in a formal or an informal recognition program, your employees’ motivation will skyrocket and fuel their drive for success. Even your temporary and contract workers will put in extra effort when they’re recognized for a job well done.

Commit to Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is exactly what it sounds like – a balance between work and life. The more balanced your employees feel, the happier they are as individuals and the harder they work as a team. By communicating honestly with your permanent and contingent employees, you can show that you value not just the position, but also the employee.

Provide Support

If you’re short-staffed, employees can feel overwhelmed and stressed out which can cause accidents or forgetting simple or essential steps in a task. Partnering with a staffing agency can bring in temporary workers to help lighten the load. This shows that you are focused on quality, not quantity.

Welcome Suggestions

Give your employees an opportunity to tell you what would make them happier. If the workplace is tense and strained, consider letting them vent anonymously with a suggestion box. Employees will stick with an employer through ups and downs when they feel their opinions and ideas are heard.

Bring In the Fun

Giving your employees something to look forward to will inspire them to work harder at their jobs. Add stress-relieving amenities to the common areas. Hang a basketball hoop up outside or host catered lunch parties to mark milestones and special events.

Give Additional Responsibilities

If you suspect your star employees are starting to look elsewhere, it may be that they don’t feel challenged. Letting them take the wheel on simple managerial or administrative tasks can boost their confidence, not to mention take the burden off your shoulders.


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