Do You Know Why Your Top Talent is Leaving?

When you start a talent search, you don’t start looking for mediocre employees; you want the best. You know that the more talented your employees, the more profit for your business. Losing a good employee can be a challenge, but it hits even harder when you see a great employee go. It’s going to happen every once in a while, but when you start noticing a trend, it’s time to take a deep look at your workforce.


Any time your best workers quit, it’s frustrating and hard to not take personally. However, sometimes the reasons are subtler than you think. That’s why it is so important to find out the reasons why your top employees decide to move on to other companies. While the specifics of each company may be different, there are some common reasons across all industries to look for when your top talent starts to go.

Little or no opportunity for growth

Your best employees aren’t just the most talented; they are often the most driven. They want new challenges and room to grow. Many want to become leaders. If you are not promoting from within, your top talent may start looking for a company who will. Many times, great employees move on because they are ready for more responsibility before you can give it. Finding alternative ways for your employees to be leaders will keep them onboard and satisfied.

Underemphasizing the work-life balance

When your best employees are motivated and inspired, they’ll work around the clock for you because they enjoy what they do. However, if there is too much stress to meet production quotas or too much pressure to reach a deadline, even your best employees will buckle. Taking the time to create a company that nurtures a healthy work-life balance will show your top talent that you don’t just value them as employees; you value them as people.

Limited recognition and feedback

When your staff, both permanent and temporary, do the job well, they want to hear it.  Recognizing hard work, even just a casual thank you, goes a long way. Likewise, when employees don’t get the project right, they want to know why. They want productive feedback that helps them becomes stronger, faster and smarter. There are many different ways to give feedback to your staff, both individually and as a group. Employee recognition programs are a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done. It’s also useful to give regular performance reviews, so your employees can follow their progress.

Little or no meaningful work

Employees, both contingent workers and direct hires, want to feel that they are part of something that makes a difference. They want their work to be meaningful, both for themselves and the world. If your employees are doing the same repetitive tasks over and over, without any connection to the bigger picture, they will likely start to look somewhere else. If their major priorities run the risk of lacking meaning, encourage them to join committees dedicated to improving the workforce environment. You can even allow them to support a charity or nonprofit on the job.


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