Example – Looking Beyond the Interview: Hiring the Best Candidate, Not Just One Who Interviews Well

Over the years here at Malone Solutions, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the companies we support. For many of these businesses, the need for highly skilled employees comes on quickly with a new project, while other companies coast along at a steady pace, occasionally needing extra skilled contract workers or temporary employees to tackle specific tasks.

Sometimes, when you really step back and look at the big picture, you discover that an employee who interviewed well, doesn’t actually live up to the hype. Sometimes managers find the opposite – a candidate they felt was a risky choice turns out to be an essential asset to the team. Being able to look beyond the interview can save your hiring process an incredible amount of time and money, along with the cost of training and onboarding. Check out these three ways to know if your candidate has true, long-term potential:

Fitting into the workplace environment

Getting an understanding of how the candidate will fit into your current workplace culture will help you determine their potential. Will their needs be met not just in this position, but in this company as a whole? You need to know if their motives and priorities line up with your company’s values. A good, long-term candidate will be a good fit professionally and personally.

Focused on their own gain

If the applicant skims over talking about the company and only focuses on their personal or professional gain, this could be a major red flag. This candidate may view your company as a stepping-stone to a different career path, which means they are only interested in boosting a resume. That could affect the employee’s interest, motivation and loyalty.

Immediate and thoughtful follow up

If the candidate calls or writes within 24 hours of the interview, it’s a strong sign that they are really invested in the position. However, the content of the follow-up can reveal much more about this applicant’s potential. Is it a generic email that rephrases information from the interview or is the candidate reaching out thoughtfully? Someone who puts abstract thought into communication is a potential employee who can navigate complex interpersonal situations.

Hiring the right talent, the first time. Whether you need someone for a few months or just a few weeks, you still need the right fit. Working with a staffing firm like Malone Solutions gives you an extra set of experienced eyes. We can increase your staff without increasing your stress. Ready to find the right fit, right now? Give us a call. As one of the leading staffing firms for healthcare, administration and technology candidates, we give you access to proven solutions for your staffing needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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