Strategic Staffing: Prepare Your Team for Contingent Employees

You have a big job starting tomorrow, and you aren’t sure your staff can handle the load. It might be time to bring in some contingent workers. From baby boomers to millennials, today’s workforce is more diverse than ever. Not only are their ages different, but also their experience, work ethic and personalities. That’s why it’s important to be honest, transparent and maximize your opportunities to onboard, train and prepare your employees for workplace changes.


When you want everyone to work together as a team, managers and supervisors have to set the tone. By taking the time to prepare your team for temporary or contract employees, you can ensure there is no lag in productivity or fear of job loss, and create a harmonious workplace environment.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Team for Contingent Employees


Explain reasons and outcomes

Your staff will be concerned that you might think they aren’t working hard enough. They may wonder if these contingent hires are really their new replacements. Management needs to explain why new talent is coming in and how that will affect workload and productivity. Assuage any fears about job security right away if you want your permanent staff to cooperate and collaborate with your temporary team.

Define the roles of your contingent workers

Let your staff know who is coming in, what their background experiences are and what they will be responsible for during their time at your organization. Speak individually with the crew members who will be working directly with these new employees. Not only be clear about the new hire’s job responsibilities, but also demonstrate how this contingent employee will impact your permanent worker’s daily routine.

Offer training and mentoring

Assign partners for these new hires. Get them connected and involved with your current staff so that the team mentality is pervasive at all levels and for all employees. Contingent or not, you need all employees to work together with the goal of being more efficient and productive. Helping them establish a workforce network will give them opportunities for peer support and organic onboarding.


Business owners and floor managers know that a company is only as successful as their employees, and that means both contingent and permanent. Outsourcing your workforce can make a huge difference, but only if you prepare your team for the surge of new faces. You can get the premium talent you need to get specific projects completed on time, as well as free up your time for the vital tasks all business owners face. Interested in exploring how contingent hires can improve your workforce productivity? Give Malone Solutions a call. We are the number one workforce resource for healthcare, industrial, technology and administrative staffing solutions.


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