Encouraging Employees to Find the Right Work-Life Balance

As this year’s flu season comes to an end, many workplaces, from offices to factories, felt the strain. However, a healthy workplace isn’t just about a germ-free zone. A low-stress environment also plays a huge role in the mental and physical health of a company’s employees. When workers are less stressed, they are healthier, safer and more motivated. One of the best ways to cultivate this type of workplace environment is to focus on improving your employees’ work-life balance.

Work-life balance is exactly what it sounds like – a balance between work and life. It isn’t just about your employees, either. Work-life balance can affect the whole company. The more balanced these roles are, the happier the individual. The happier the individual, the better the worker and, the better the worker, the more successful the company. By communicating honestly with your employees, both permanent and contingent, you can encourage work-life balance in just a few simple steps.

More flexibility in scheduling

Does every shift have to be exactly nine-to-five? Perhaps your office manager is more productive in the afternoons, while your payroll personnel prefers early mornings. Talk with your staff and let them come up with their ideal hours. Then, create a compromise between their preference and your production schedule, which will enhance productivity by allowing your employees to work when they are at their best.

More time off from work

One of the major benefits of vacation time is that it allows your workers to reenergize their motivation, goals and priorities. Giving your employees more opportunities for a break also prevents burnout, especially for workers who conduct the same tasks repeatedly throughout the day. More time away from work isn’t just about vacation, either. Studies have shown that absenteeism decreases when PTO increases.

More life at work

Encourage your employees to bring their children to work for a day to learn about work ethic, specific trades and skills, teamwork or even just to spend a little extra time together. Invite their families to enjoy a meal together at work, which is particularly valuable to healthcare employees who often work nontraditional shifts. If you can, shut down production for a summer afternoon off to host a family picnic filled with food, activities and camaraderie.

More on-the-job training

Establishing a strong work-life balance isn’t just about focusing on the life part; it’s also about giving your employees more meaningful work. Offer them opportunities to develop professionally with additional training and allow them to have an influence in the workplace by serving on committees. When you give them reachable challenges, they feel stimulated, inspired and more committed to their job and your business.


It’s easy to see how encouraging a solid work-life balance not only boosts your employees’ performance, but your company’s bottom line, as well. When life is in balance, workers find more fulfillment in their jobs, more satisfying leisure time and a more stress-free existence. The most important way to understand what your crew needs is to simply ask. Give them surveys to fill out or open your office door for an afternoon of casual conversations.


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