Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Top Talent?

When a job seeker finds an open position that seems like the perfect fit, they submit their resume with energy and excitement. They interview, meet the hiring team and talk with department heads, all of which gear them up for the new opportunity ahead. However, if your company has a slow hiring process, that energy starts to wane. When weeks or even months pass before the offer is finally on the table, your first choice may have selected a different path.


A slow hiring process can cost you more than the ideal candidate. It can damage your company’s brand image, your employee morale and productivity. Whether you need a contingent employee to cover a temporary opening or a permanent worker to fill a new position, your hiring process must be competitive.


Top Tier Talent Won’t Wait

You aren’t the only employer who wants the best in your industry. Knowledgeable healthcare employees, skilled manufacturing specialists and high-quality light industrial workers are in high demand. During the time between the interview and the offer, other companies could be pursuing these candidates. Don’t lose your ideal employee because your hiring process is too complex and time consuming.


Slow Decision Making Can Ruin Your Image

Slow hiring won’t just influence the applicants; it can also decrease confidence among your clients and customers. When you’re not running at full steam, your customers can tell. Your brand can suffer because your productivity decreases and customer service wavers. Developing a reputation for slow decision-making raises a red flag; if you’re slow to hire, what other decisions are you slow to make?


Overwhelmed Employees Feel Frustrated

Who takes on the responsibilities left over when an employee leaves? The longer a position is vacant, the longer your current employees shoulder the burden. They are the ones who have to keep the ship afloat while the hiring team searches for a new employee. If the search starts to lag, consider bringing in a contingent worker or contract employee to keep things moving while you find the perfect fit.


Hiring is Already Expensive and Time Consuming

The hiring process takes time and money, and the longer your HR department takes, the more money and time is spent. When your recruitment budget is already filled with travel, interviews, advertisements, office materials, staffing agencies and payroll, it doesn’t really make financial sense to prolong the process. Slow hiring times can drain this budget, as well as your hiring team’s motivation.


If you’re looking to boost your hiring time, Malone Solutions can help. We have assisted many companies looking to streamline their hiring process with innovative staffing solutions and a talent pool brimming with highly skilled associates looking for permanent, contract, contingent and temp-to-hire work. We have outstanding opportunities to help you attract the right staff, right when you need them most. Contact us today and we’ll start on a plan to save your hiring team time and money.

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