Strategic Staffing: Five Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

The opening has been posted for less than an hour and already your inbox is flooded with applications. For many companies, especially smaller ones, simply just stating the hiring process can be quite intimidating. The variety of candidates and experience can make narrowing down your choices challenging. That’s the beauty of the interview.


Sometimes a candidate appears one way on paper, but is completely different when you talk face-to-face. That’s what makes the interview process so important. By asking the right questions, you can get the information you need to make a smart choice.


5 Interview Questions that Reveal Everything


Question 1: Can you tell me about your ideal workplace environment?

Getting an understanding of the candidate’s ideal workplace will give you insight into the type of conditions that they need to be most productive. This answer will also show you how well they’ll fit in with your other employees. You’ll get an idea of their values, work ethic and level of commitment, which is especially important to know when working with contingent laborers.


Question 2: What is your greatest achievement at work?

This will give you a little more detail about the work history of the candidate, as well as insight about their potential. Listen carefully to what the applicant considers an achievement. This will show you what they consider important.


Question 3: What interested you most in this position? Why did you apply for this job?

Some applicants are interested in a simple job and some are looking for a career. If you want a new hire that will commit to your company, then you definitely want the second. The answer to this question will reveal which type of employee this candidate will be.


Question 4: How do you see your position impacting the overall success of the company?

Answers to this question can show hiring teams how the candidate views themselves in relation to the larger mission of the company, which is especially important in healthcare and manufacturing jobs. Sometimes these employees, both permanent and contingent, work in a specific area or on specific tasks without really knowing how their jobs are essential to the company’s mission. If the candidates can see how this position fits into the big picture, it shows that they understand how their responsibilities influence the success of their co-workers and the company as a whole.


Question 5: Tell us about a time when safety on the job became a concern. How did you handle that situation?

Safety is taken very seriously in manufacturing and light industrial fields. You need to know that these job seekers take it seriously, too. This question will show you how they view safety issues, as well as how they prevent, prepare and react in situations where safety may be a concern.


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