Hiring Secrets for a Successful Business

We know the one thing all businesses would love to get their hands on – an infallible “Magic 8 Ball” that predicts staffing challenges, successes and opportunities. Even though this fortune-telling HR manager is just a myth, companies can still implement hiring strategies that are more proactive than reactive.

In today’s fast-paced, tech-pumped workforce, employers have to focus on hiring for the future. While there is no “Magic 8 Ball” for business, hiring teams can develop strategic staffing plans that consider future projects, management positions and employee retention.

Strategic Staffing Plans

Developing and implementing a strategy for hiring new employees can help reduce costs and risks that often come along with hiring new employees. A plan can ensure that hiring across all departments is consistent and in-line with your company’s mission. You can create a vision of your ideal candidate and how you see them fitting into your current office culture and future business goals. A staffing strategy is a blueprint to hiring for growth, anticipating needs, reducing surprise events. Don’t have time to develop a strategy? A staffing firm can vet your temporary, permanent and temp-to-hire candidates for you.

Future Employment Opportunities

You have a vacancy that needs filling now, but have you thought about how that position might evolve as the company’s projection changes? If you’re close to landing a new, prominent client or have plans for a digital marketing campaign on the horizon, consider adding some of these skills to the open job description. When these employment needs pop up unexpectedly, as they always do, temporary professionals can come in to take on special projects or lighten the load for permanent personnel.

Employee Retention

Looking to the future doesn’t mean you have to look outside your own office. Find the potential in your current staff and help them expand their knowledge and skills. By investing in job satisfaction, you can incorporate new business development ideas that promote collaboration. With a solid hiring strategy, you can ensure that your new hires, temporary employees and seasonal staff glide in and out of projects smoothly, maximizing productivity and keeping the workplace harmonious.

A harmonious office is key to job satisfaction. Statistics show that current employees and potential candidates are more interested in a satisfying office culture than the number on a paycheck. They want a job that they can look forward to. When it’s time to hire new employees, make sure they not only fit into the current office culture, but will also drive the workplace environment into a positive new direction.

Workforce Planning and the Staffing Firm

You can’t always control labor market shifts, so workforce planning for the future is vital for your business’s success. Remember, your company is only as successful as your employees. Choosing the right ones for the right time, whether now or in the future, can make or break your bottom line. Do you need some direction planning for your future staffing needs? The experts at Malone Staffing Solutions can help solve your workforce staffing challenges with innovative, strategic solutions. We may not be a “Magic 8 Ball”, but we come pretty close.


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