Strategic Staffing: Benefits of Recruiting Active Job Seekers

In today’s fast-paced digital world, anyone can be a candidate for a job opening, but we know it takes more than just anyone to be a part of the team. When you find that personable professional whose skills perfectly match your needs, it’s like the moment when the glass slipper slid right on to Cinderella’s foot. It’s a perfect fit.


Whether a candidate comes to you or you go to them really depends on motivation and the job market. Active job seekers are those candidates sending you resumes and posting to job boards. They are actively seeking new employment, ready to tackle new challenges and promote their transferrable skills.


Active candidates are searching for new positions for many reasons. Some are looking for more responsibility, some just found out their job is being outsourced, or a few may view their current employment situation as unstable. For whatever reason, these candidates are motivated, determined and quite possibly, a good fit for your needs.

3 Benefits to Hiring Active Job Seekers

Transferrable Skills

Active job seekers may not be overflowing with experience in your specific industry, but that doesn’t mean they are unqualified. They just might be the fresh perspective you’ve been waiting for. For example, a candidate who has spent years in hospitality and tourism just might have the type of personality that can help you strengthen your current and prospective client relationships.

Broad Industry Perspective

You get a resume from a candidate who has been working in temporary positions for a while. As an employer, this may raise a red flag, but consider this: an active job seeker with experience as a temporary legal assistant might have a broad perspective about the industry as a whole. Active job seekers can be a wealth of information about marketing, target audience and competitors.

Ready to Work

Active candidates are ready to get to work in both permanent and temporary positions. They are available during all cycles of recruitment. Active job seekers can come on board at the start of the new year, when you need to fill vital vacant positions right away. They are available during the summer months when business slows down but vacation requests pick up. When fall rolls in and your clients are coming at you from all sides with requests and needs, active job seekers can help unburden your staff by taking on special projects.


Some companies claim that when posting a job opening, they see as many as two unqualified resumes for every one qualified active job seeker. In a world where the hiring process is already time consuming and costly, partnering with the right staffing agency can help you find a great candidate in less time. That’s why Malone Solutions is your workforce resource. Contact us today and find your next best employee.


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