Moving Past the Millennials – What to expect from Generation Z

As the millennial generation moves into adulthood, it’s time to take a moment to look over their shoulders and take a glance at who is coming next. Some millennial employees are just now entering the workforce, while other workers may be moving up in your company, into management positions. That leaves some empty office chairs that need to be filled. So, who will be the next round of permanent and temporary employees to knock at your door?

Time to meet Generation Z.

Who are they?

In the broadest description, Generation Z was born in the mid-to-late 1990s or early 2000s. While the dates are not wholly agreed upon, one thing is certain – all of them, at least in America, grew up in the Great Recession era, surrounded by technology and social media. Several studies claim that most Generation Zers will start entering the workforce solidly in about two years.

Defining Traits

Generation Z is highly connected, socially conscious and a bit more sedentary than they probably need to be. They are also:

  • Less inclined to vote and participate in civic engagement.
  • Results-based, meaning they will get the job done on time, but only if they can work in their own way, setting their own priorities.
  • Always tapped into the Internet. Be it social media, mobile sites or playing co-op video games online, they have never lived in a world without the Internet.
  • Socially progressive to the point that any unfair treatment of people or animals tends to wound them personally. They are often shocked when confronted with racism, homophobia or sexism.
  • Slack in protection of their privacy. Growing up in the world of Facebook and Twitter, Generation Z shines a spotlight on a large chunk of their lives that other generations would consider private.

An Emerging Workforce

Generation Z will flood your workplace in about two years. While it is too soon to make accurate predictions about their work ethic, leadership abilities and understanding of professionalism, we can examine who they are now and prepare our workforce for who they may become. As a potential workforce, Generation Z might:

  • Be more motivated by family, money and advancement.
  • Gravitate toward companies that promote racial and ethnic diversity.
  • Be better able to keep up with rampant, fast-paced progress.
  • Struggle with tasks where technology cannot be used.
  • Be up for taking a few entrepreneurial risks, balanced between a practical mind and an optimistic outlook.
  • Expect you to be a mentor and a good leader, someone they can learn from and connect with.

Generation Z has yet to even enter the workforce, and we really need to see them in these positions to better understand the types of employees they will be. However, that shouldn’t be taken as permission to overlook them in the hiring process. These workers and professionals will be important to the progress of your industry as both consumers and employees.

When you have an open position, permanent or temporary, working with a staffing professional like Malone Solutions can mean the difference between the perfect fit and a foul hit. Contact us today and see how our staffing solutions can boost your business.

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