Strategic Staffing: Why Work With an Agency?

Creating a strategic staffing plan can save you time, money and administrative headaches in the long run. But it can be complex and cumbersome to set up. Working with an agency that understands the importance of strategic staffing and has a process in place to implement such systems efficiently can be your shortcut.


What Can an Agency Do For You?


Analyze your needs. Your strategic staffing partner will look at your existing talent base, your sales projections, and your busy and slow periods to create a plan customized to your particular business.


Provide a process improvement team. They can forecast demand, and develop a tactical staffing plan to meet production or seasonal demands. You’ll have a clear understanding of what it takes to meet your goals effectively – without incurring excess cost.


Establish benchmarks. Develop the standards by which you will measure candidates. Determine the minimum and maximum staff to have on hand to ensure you meet your objectives. Decide what specific skills you will require of candidates.


Build a talent pool. Your agency can source, screen and vet candidates to ensure the talent you need will be available so that you can quickly ramp up your workforce as demand increases. With contingent staff at the ready, you’ll never worry about having access to talent.


Onboard and train. Ensure that each candidate is up-to-speed and ready to contribute when they are called for service. This allows your full-time workforce to concentrate on their own work without breaking away to train contingent staff.


Manage your contingent workforce. Your agency can handle payroll, benefits and hiring and firing. This makes it easier to track, manage and control your workforce spending.


Allow you to focus on your goals. With a partner managing the details of creating and implementing a strategic staffing plan, you are better able to focus on your own core capabilities.


Need help taking a more strategic approach to staffing? Contact the experts at Malone today. We can build and staff a strategic staffing plan for your business, allowing you to augment your workforce for peaks in demand, expansion efforts or special projects.

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