Hiring for a Position, or Hiring for Growth Potential?

When you have a job vacancy in your business that must be filled, it’s tempting to focus just on your immediate needs. Is that the best way to go? Or should you keep the big picture in mind and hire anticipating that the position or candidate could evolve.

Are you looking for a unicorn?

The combination of skills that you hope to find in your next hire may not exist in a single candidate. Decide which skills are deal breakers for the position and which belong on your wish list.

Job requirements change.

“Social media savvy” wasn’t in anyone’s job description twenty years ago, but people learned and evolved. Hiring bright candidates with growth potential will enable you to keep up with change no matter what the future brings.

Smart people get bored.

Intelligent, motivated candidates will soon get bored doing exactly what they have always done. Choose someone who can handle the duties of the position and learn new ones. A candidate who is willing to learn can make it easier for your business to adapt and grow.

Past performance.

Looking at how a candidate performed at previous jobs can help determine his odds of success. Ask probing interview questions and check references to see if they are goal-oriented, creative, motivated or possess the attributes that are required for success at your company.

Must-have skill sets.

While hiring for potential has its advantages, there are times when it just won’t do. No one wants a surgeon with potential. Determine the non-negotiables, whether it’s a coding language or a medical certification.

Long-term vs. immediate goals.

Do you have a role to fill for a project that needs immediate attention or are you planning for business initiatives for the next three to five years or more? If you just need to fill the role quickly and retention is not a priority, hiring for position may be fine. If you would rather hire someone who can grow with the company, choose potential.

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