The Who, How and When of Following Up After an Interview

Sure you aced the interview? Wish you could take another shot at it? An effective strategy for following up the right way can give you another chance to make a great impression. Remind the interviewer that you’re a perfect fit for the position or take the opportunity to add anything you may have missed.

Thank You Notes

Send notes to everyone you interviewed with and start by thanking them for taking the time to speak to you. Reaffirm your suitability for the job by mentioning a couple of your key selling points and relating them to their requirements or any company initiatives that may have been mentioned.

Try to get business cards from everyone you interview with so that you have contact information for each of them. If you miss anyone, look them up on LinkedIn or call HR to ask for their email address.

Cyber or Paper

There is no clear answer on whether a handwritten note or email is better, it simply comes down to personal preference of the recipient. Snail mail is more personal and can appear more thoughtful, but an email is quicker and more current. Make a judgment call based on your industry, the personality of the interviewer and how quickly the selection process is expected to go. In addition, you can combine the two by sending a quick email right after the interview and following up with a note.

When to Follow Up

If you know when the decision is expected to be made, follow up several days to a week afterward. This may help you to stay top-of-mind and stand out among other candidates. In this follow up make sure to be brief, conversational and inquire where they are in the hiring process. Mention a point or two discussed in the interview, or some company or industry news.

Successful Follow Up

By using email, the recipient can take their time responding back to you which is the most efficient way. Phone calls may not be the best option as there is always a chance of catching them off guard during a busy time.


The wise job seeker has many irons in the fire. If the process drags on, cross that position off your list and look to the next one.


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