Interview Prep: Know How You Will Impact Culture and Success

These days, competition for jobs can be intense. Companies often receive dozens ─ sometimes even hundreds ─ of applications for each position posted, offering the ability to be very selective with their hiring decisions.

Rather than simply focusing on which candidates have the strongest resumes, hiring managers also want to find those who have the personality needed to be a great cultural fit. While an impressive resume may be enough to get you get an interview, you won’t be chosen for the position unless you’re viewed as someone who will serve as a positive addition to the company culture.

3 Tips to Demonstrate You’re a Great Cultural Fit

Prior to heading to an interview, it is important to work hard preparing a case presenting yourself as the best person for the job. Be ready to speak on your professional experience, in addition to how your personality will serve as an asset to the organization. Use the following three tips to gain a competitive edge:

  1. Research the Company: It can be difficult to gain an understanding of a company culture prior to your interview, but do your best. Check out their social media pages, website, blog and any other information you can find about the organization online to learn more about their culture.
  2. Provide Examples of Past Accomplishments: Prepare specific examples displaying your ability to fit into the company culture at previous jobs. Hiring managers are interested in both your skill and personality fit for the position, so they want to hear how you adapt to different types of situations.
  3. Emphasize Your Fit: Let the interviewer know you have an understanding of their company culture and strongly believe you would fit right in. Describe a few specific reasons why you’re the ideal choice and how hiring you could benefit the organization as a whole. Discuss how your personality and experience directly relate to the responsibilities listed on the job description.

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