Seven Habits of a Smart Talent Manager

Creating habits can be the first step to success in any field. As a talent manager, you need to establish a routine and method of not only recruiting talent but being able to do it quickly. Most companies have a hiring deadline, and a talent manager should be the person to help them meet their goals. One of the reasons a company will hire an outside talent manager or hire someone internally is to save time and experience lower turnover rates. One person dedicated to the job of finding and hiring new employees is an effective way to ensure your teams are always well-staffed with highly qualified employees. As a talent manager, your job is critical to the teams running smoothly. Here are seven habits you can develop to be even more effective at your job:

  1. Never stop networking. Even if you have a lull in hiring or hiring needs, you should continuously network with other professionals. The easiest way to do this is via social networking sites.
  2. Know about your company. You should know the strengths and visions for your organization, even if they change. Your pitch to other people should be based on current information.
  3. Don’t settle. There are times when a candidate will seem like a good match in the beginning but after some time, you realize they are not. Don’t place them just to place them.
  4. Take your time with new candidates. Email, call, meet in person, and even talk to their references before sending them on to a company.  The more you do this, the faster your process will get and the quicker you will be able to vet candidates to save time.
  5. Mentor your pipeline. Stay in contact with those you have placed over the years. Help them if they need a new job or just check in with those in your network from time to time.
  6. Get to know the person, not just the resume. Qualifications can look great on paper but get to know the face behind them. You can learn a lot about their professional goals and where they would like to end up by just listening.
  7. Practice passive recruiting. When it comes to hiring, you don’t want to be rushed or in a situation that requires a snap decision. By having several candidates in the wings, waiting for the right opportunity, you will have immediate options to present.


A talent manager has a great deal of responsibility riding on their decisions and abilities. You are helping to create the future of an organization and your input is valued greatly. Cultivate your own systems and habits to ensure you are not overwhelmed with the needs presented to you. For more strategies, read our related blog posts or reach out to the hiring experts at Malone today!


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