Strategic Staffing: Employee Reviews and Feedback

In most organizations, employees are given a performance review. These evaluations usually happen yearly or sometimes quarterly, depending on the company. Regardless of the frequency, it is necessary for your team members to understand and feel comfortable with these types of meetings. Your team deserves to know the areas where they excel as well as the areas where they could improve. There are several actions you can take to ensure these employee reviews and feedback sessions are beneficial to everyone involved:

  1. Prepare. As the initiator of this meeting, you need to be prepared for discussions and questions. Don’t expect to have a productive session if you simply use the past month of work efforts in this review. You should be aware of their work for the entire span of time since the last review.
  2. Discuss. Your employee may feel bombarded with too much information but if you take the time to allow for questions and input from their side of the table, they can leave with a deeper understanding of what is expected.
  3. Confront. Be careful with this one as a negative confrontation can lead to problems but don’t be shy to confront real problems. If you neglect pointing out the areas for improvement, you are doing a disservice to the team member and your organization. When presented in a constructive way, your employee will appreciate your honesty and will have insight into their job performance.
  4. Shift. Consider allowing the employee to review their own performance and add it to yours. You can ask simple questions and give them the chance to boast on their achievements but also share their struggles. It can be enlightening to learn how you, as their employer, can help them improve at their job.
  5. Increase. Your team members give you countless hours each year and they deserve to know how their performance measures up.  By having employee reviews on a more frequent basis, they will feel more secure in their job and their role.

While performance reviews can sometimes be seen as a negative meeting, you have the opportunity to change that. You can make it a time for growth and have a positive impact on your team. Not only will this help your employees view their jobs as valuable, they will personally feel more value and you will have a hand at improving their lives. After all, without an effective team, your organization would not be successful. Each person has value, and performance reviews can help to reiterate that as well as provide the right setting for addressing problems.


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