What Does Your Company Culture Say to Candidates?

It can seem as though companies are so concerned with finding the right candidates that they sometimes overlook their responsibility to be the right company. Not only should candidates work hard to find the right fit for company culture, but your company should ensure they are presenting an authentic front throughout the hiring process to attract the right people. When a company neglects to show their true colors, it means they may not find the right fit for their culture, and while skills and even some job requirements can be learned, the right personality and ability to get along with other team members is something that cannot be taught.

Putting your Best Foot Forward

Candidates are constantly being told to present themselves in a professional manner, but how are companies preparing? What are some ways your company can be clear about who they are and what they want from their team members? Here are some things to present to candidates before hiring:

  1. Your mission statement or motto. Sometimes the mission statement is lengthy and cannot be easily introduced into conversation, but your company website could have the motto or slogan embedded in it or it could be part of your company email signature. Candidates should see it and be familiar with it.
  2. Their reason for choosing your company. While that is directed at a candidate, you can glean useful information about how you appear to the public. If they say something that is in line with your mission statement or core values, you know they could be a good fit. But if it is totally off-center with your company culture, you may not be presenting the face you think you are to the outside.
  3. Take a look around. Go outside the office space and walk back in. What do you see? What do you hear? It could be something as simple as a bad smell or a light that’s not working, and a potential candidate could be turned off immediately to your company. These things have nothing to do with your core values but are ways a candidate may evaluate the culture, with a negative spin.
  4. Do an online search for your company. You may be surprised to see reviews, pictures, and even videos of your company that you didn’t approve or know existed; some may be good and some may be bad, but either way, they are showcasing a culture for your company that is swaying candidates to apply or not return an interview request.

The way your company is perceived by candidates is just as important as how candidates present themselves. The stellar candidates that you want on your team probably have more than one opportunity to choose from and you want to stand out to them for the right reasons. Your focus should be on attracting the right candidates and remaining true to your company goals and standards at the same time.

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