Strategic Staffing: The Benefits of a Well-Written Job Description

When a position opens up in your organization, you want to fill it quickly and with the right person. It can be tempting to just put an ad up with the basic requirements and start interviewing candidates to feel as though you are being proactive with the search. However, that isn’t always the best way to start. Filling the position is important but so are the resources and time of your current staff members and your company overall. So why clutter their days with unnecessary interviews and time wasting meetings? Begin the candidate search with the right job description and you will see the difference it will make.

Benefits of the Right Description

Finding the right candidate can be a costly endeavor. After all, if you hire the wrong person, it could be costly to your company and even to your reputation. You want to ensure everything you do in the hiring process leads to the best possible option. You carry a great deal of the responsibility for attracting the right candidate and it is not always the fault of a job seeker or even a recruiter when a placement goes wrong – if you didn’t provide a well-written job description. There are several benefits to keep in mind when writing a well-detailed job description. For many companies, these will help the team stay focused during the task itself:

  1. Save time. By taking the time to figure out the exact job parameters, you can attract the right candidates. This means the initial pool of candidates will not be as large as it could be and you won’t be sifting through completely unqualified applicants. The response to your job listing can be more focused, which will save you time.
  2. Save resources. When you gather your team together to create a well-written job description, you may feel like it’s a waste of resources. In reality, you are establishing a more efficient means of using your available resources. Taking an hour to figure out the exact job description will save a bad hire in the future, which can cost thousands of dollars to reverse.
  3. Save reputation. If you have a high turnover rate, your company will begin to suffer. With the social media resources available, potential candidates will hear about the unrealistic expectations your company can appear to have, when in reality, your job description wasn’t clear. These disgruntled employees can begin to tarnish your reputation and even harm relationships with clients and other business owners.

The benefits of taking the time to initially establish what you want in a future employee will far outweigh the time and resources it can take to create the job description. Ask those involved in the project or on the team to collaborate with you and write down their ideas for the position. And if it changes over the interview process, always be sure to update the description. The future of your organization depends on the people you hire so it is important to take your time and use the resources available to you. Contact the experienced recruiting team at Malone for more successful hiring strategies today!

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