Motivating Employees Through Recognition

It’s not an HR secret that employees need to be motivated on a regular basis. How it is done can be different for each organization and individual employees, but in the end, everyone needs to feel valued. Just as each person in your company has their role and responsibilities to fulfill, you can create a positive environment through the use of various methods to cater to different wants and needs that are relatively inexpensive, yet make a big difference in your culture. The act of recognition has been shown to foster a spirit of inclusion, appreciation, and even motivation. Here are some simple ways to provide recognition with any company budget:


  1. A simple company-wide email. By taking the time to send out an email to everyone on your team and even within the department, praising an individual or group that met their goals, you are acknowledging their accomplishments. Employees are more likely to perform at that level again when they realize their hard work didn’t go unnoticed.
  2. Food treats. Consider buying some snacks or desserts to bring in and recognize a team or individual’s hard work. It may seem a bit childish to reward your employees with cookies but the gesture itself — paired with the fact that almost everyone loves cookies — can make your team feel important.
  3. Time off. After a long project is complete, why not let everyone leave work early one afternoon or come in after lunch? You may even consider allowing individuals to work from home on a day after a milestone is reached. This is an inexpensive way to show your appreciation for their long hours to reach a goal.
  4. An award ceremony. While this type of recognition can be more expensive than a mass email, it can be done once a year and each employee can receive some type of award. This can be in the form of a dinner and ceremony or even just a ceremony with a dessert bar afterwards. It can be kept within a budget or you can use this opportunity to splurge and give your employees a nice evening out.
  5. Impromptu meetings. The next time you are having a company-wide meeting or even a department meeting, recognize the employees in front of everyone. You can explain what they accomplished and how they made a difference in the life of the company. This is a great time to detail what they did as this demonstrates your knowledge of it.


When your teams are happy, they will be more productive and be able to reach the goals set for them. As more teams reach their goals and receive recognition, it can spur others in that same direction to receive the same benefits. You can motivate an entire organization with something as simple as a mass email or company lunch when a team achieves success.


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