Five Strategies for Retaining Top Performers

It is easy to become complacent with your employees. In fact, many times you don’t learn of an unhappy employee until you receive a resignation letter. In most cases, the damage has already been done. Even your top talent can feel disgruntled from time to time, and if you aren’t proactive with your approach, you could wind up losing these top performers. Here are five strategies for retaining the talent that makes your organization top-notch and the ones you want to keep in your ranks:

  1. Avoid overloading your team members. The balance between challenging work and unrealistic expectations is one that will either keep top performers working for you or handing you a resignation letter. By nature, top performers strive for excellence and will rarely turn down a project or the chance to prove their worth. This type of attitude is how they get to the top of their game but it also leads to burn-out. Provide these team members with the best and most rewarding projects and watch them excel.
  2. Keep your office door open. Your team should know they can come to you with legitimate problems and you will try to solve the issue. When they begin to feel ignored or that you don’t care, they will start to look for another boss or manager that does. Top performers work hard on a daily basis and they expect to have their managers available to solve the things they cannot. By keeping communication open, you will hear about team members who aren’t happy with their situation and you will have the opportunity to fix the problem.
  3. Offer opportunities for advancement. Top performers are overachievers by nature so when they feel stuck or like they’ve reached the highest rung on the ladder, their motivation will decrease or they will need to find another ladder to climb. If your organization doesn’t offer a strong career path of growth, top performers will simply not be interested in working hard for no real advancement.
  4. Recognize their hard work. Top performers thrive on achieving personal and professional goals as well as their hard work being acknowledged. While this is true for all employees in your company, your top performers can be role models for others as well as be pushed to achieve even more with the right recognition.
  5. Customize incentives. While one incentive may work for one personality, don’t automatically assume it will be the right one for somebody else. If you truly want to inspire and retain your top performers, give them a reason to want to stay. Maybe some members of your team have a long commute; by offering them a more flexible schedule or an occasional work-from-home option, you can show your appreciation in a way they will actually value. Ask your team for incentive ideas and many times they will provide you with creative ways that would work to keep them motivated.

No one in your organization is disposable. You should treat all team members with respect, and you can begin to cultivate more top performers with these five tips. Your top performers will help to inspire others within your company and every team can be full of people who excel at their work and desire excellence. For more retention and staffing strategies, contact the experienced recruiting professionals at Malone today!


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