Strategic Staffing: Assessing Your Needs

The workplace is an ever-evolving place and trying to keep up with the changes can be exhausting. It can feel as though you are always short-staffed or maybe you have bored employees because you are over-staffed.  As your company changes, you must assess your staffing needs differently than you have in the past. Strategic staffing is a relatively new term that brings a cost effective approach to your employee needs. This approach avoids overspending on salaries or lacking support due to not having the appropriate amount of staff. When you are able to plan and implement it, your staffing needs will be met as well as your budgetary guidelines maintained.

The Goal of Strategic Staffing

Balance is the key to your company running smoothly. You need the right amount of work space, the right number of employees, and even the right budget to ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible. You have control over many variables within your organization such as the budget and office space but sometimes it can feel as though your staff is a variable that fluctuates on a weekly basis. With a core staff of employees, your business can run but you need to account for growth, as well as also have a contingency plan if something should happen with your core team members. Here are some of the key factors involved with strategic staffing:

  • Focus on filling needs rather than filling positions. Do you have a current, capable employee who could possibly take on one or two more tasks? It might be easier to increase their pay slightly to compensate rather than hiring one more person to do the job.
  • Stay poised for growth. If you don’t have the ability to add more team members, you can’t grow. Your teams need to be ready for change and growth so working with a staffing company who can provide new team members on demand can be the first step in the right direction for your future.
  • Consider creating temporary positions to make proper assessments. On paper, a position can look great and even fit in the budget but before you decide to make it a permanent one, try it on for size. A temporary employee can work well in the position and if it makes sense, hire that same person for the permanent position.
  • Think outside the box. If an employee leaves or you experience growth, you may be able to hire someone to work offsite or on a contract basis.
  • Know your business. As you get into a rhythm, you’ll start to notice the peak seasons and even times of the day when you may need more staff. So plan accordingly! It can take time and effort to make these assessments but it will be worth it in the long run to accomplish your business goals.

Strategic staffing should be part of your business plan from the beginning, and the easiest way to accomplish this is to work with a staffing agency that is knowledgeable about every aspect from the initial interview to the hiring. They will have candidates who have been properly screened and qualified for the work you require and can start quickly.


To discuss how Malone can help your company fulfill staffing needs and create a strategic staffing plan for the future, reach out to our experienced recruiting team today!

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