The Benefits of Recruiting Passive Candidates

Finding the right candidate for an open position isn’t always as easy as it seems. In an economy where the candidates are many but the jobs are few, you may be under the assumption that the best option for a new employee is one who is available immediately and eager for work, but that could be a mistake. One of the secret weapons of recruiters can be found in passive candidates. These are the candidates who might be looking for a new job but not desperate to make a switch, unless the potential position is too good to overlook. Or the passive candidate may be searching due to some uncertainty in their current situation such as downsizing or other problems within the company but not within their personal abilities. Here are several benefits to recruiting these passive candidates:

  1. They will be honest. As a candidate who does not have to find a job “yesterday,” they do not need to hide flaws or inflate their qualifications with the hope of landing a new job. You will most likely find candidates who are willing to share exactly what they can bring to the position and what they expect from you as well.
  2. They are up-to-date with their qualifications. If you are in a field where it is necessary to maintain certifications or to even just stay current on the latest technologies, chances are a candidate who is already employed will have the most recent experience.
  3. They will know what they want. A passive candidate will know exactly what they don’t like about their current employer. This can give you a stronger chance of helping them achieve a change, if you can offer them what they are not currently getting. It could be anything from a higher salary to a more flexible schedule, and rather than just needing a job, these candidates can provide a definitive answer.
  4. They have a current network. You may have more than one job opening at your company and someone who is currently employed will have connections with others who are also passively looking. This type of network is important as you can hire other qualified candidates based on the foundation of this one passive candidate.
  5. They are highly desirable. There is something to the idea of wanting what you can’t have and these candidates are “wanted” by their current employer, creating a higher demand for what they have to offer to your company. This person will have the ability to pick and choose so if they choose your company, it is more likely to be a long-term fit rather than simply a job to pay the bills.

The right employee can make all the difference in your company and sometimes those who aren’t actively looking for a new position can be the smartest option. When you approach them with a solid opportunity and the ability to improve their professional life, they are in a position to accept or decline. Not only will this be a bargaining factor for them but you can know they are interested in your company for the right reasons, not due to desperation.


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