The Evolving Role of Human Resources Professionals

When you think of happiness and success within the workplace, it is natural to think about your Human Resources department. Not only is this department responsible for your professional well-being in the workplace, they are part of the bigger picture of company morale. In a company of any size, the HR department is part of the foundation of how the company is run. The role of the human resources professional is changing as the needs of companies evolve. From more employees working offsite to more personal connections within the workplace, the main goal of HR has always been to ensure the success of employees within a company. That core value will not change but the way it is achieved can vary.

The Human Resources Professional

There is a great deal of responsibility given to the HR professional at any size office. These people are charged with maintaining a work environment where employees can experience success and feel value within the company. From the receptionist at the front door to the CEO, each team member is integral to the company’s success. When there are personnel problems, the cycle of success can come to a screeching halt. The HR department can then step in and resolve the problems according to the laws and company policies. This peace-keeping can take a great deal of skill and knowledge in order to create a compromise that works for everyone involved. From constantly putting out fires to boosting morale, the HR department has to adapt to the challenges of each day.

More than just Negative Interaction

In some companies, the HR department is there to ensure employment laws and regulations are followed but there is more to human resources than just being an enforcer. As the world gets smaller through social media and email interactions 24/7, the HR department can plan events and activities that help put faces to names and deepen workplace relationships. Many will take the time to look at various employees’ social media pages and schedule enjoyable outings according to what they see on the pages. Some of the hats worn by HR professionals include:

  • Mediator
  • Career  coach
  • Encourager
  • Grief counselor
  • Policy enforcer
  • Activity planner
  • Success motivator
  • Lunch scheduler

The role of the human resources professional will vary from company to company but it is always essential to a successful work environment. Hiring the best fit for your HR department will help to create a company where people enjoy working, problems are minimized, and goals are achieved on a daily basis. Reach out to the staffing strategy experts at Malone for more tips or to begin working with our experienced recruiters today!

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