Strategic Staffing: Training Employees for Success

Think back to a time when you were assigned a task to complete and you didn’t have the adequate knowledge to do it. Either you weren’t provided with the right training or you were not given proper instructions to do your best at the job. You probably had a feeling of frustration and disappointment in your lack of abilities when in reality, you were not properly equipped. Does the staff in your organization ever feel this way? There are ways to help them feel prepared for the jobs you assign to them but this can mean added training and education. An investment can be worthwhile for many business and individual reasons, and creating a company filled with empowered employees will go far for the overall company success. Training employees doesn’t need to cost a fortune nor does it necessarily mean sending your team members to earn a higher degree on the company’s dime. There are simple actions you can take to help train your employees for success:


  • Quick demonstrations: Rather than sending a team off to an all-day conference on using the newest office suite, why not hire someone to come to your office? Invite the team members who can make it to the demonstration and keep everyone onsite. This will cut down drive-time and expenses, as well as provide the opportunity for more people to attend, instead of just a select few. Any time you buy new equipment, you should have a demonstration available for the entire office.
  • Timed discussions: Because there is always one person who likes to hear their own voice, time this type of training so that everyone can receive a benefit. A discussion can be, “how to attract more business sales” or “how to deal with a difficult client” and everyone can weigh in on their experiences. These types of discussions can provide real life examples for the team to dissect and talk about in order to learn, in a more informal way. It is important to have a moderator for these training sessions to keep the group on task and maintain productivity.
  • Off-site Conventions: Take advantage of local education opportunities for your employees. If they can spend one or two days offsite learning from a nationally recognized expert in the field, spend the money for them to attend. This can be a valuable educational experience as well as an investment where your team feels valued by the company.
  • Reading clubs: This may seem too simple but ask your team to participate in training by reading a book together. Always pick a book that is related to the field or good business practice and avoid anything too lengthy or politically motivated. Many times when a group reads the same book, it will provide more conversation topics and a basis for team understanding.

Training your employees for success will benefit you for years in your business. The training should be pertinent to your current market situation, and should include as many employees as possible in the education. If you would like to work with a staffing company who values training as a foundation for strategic staffing, Malone Solutions is here to provide you with options for your needs. With the right team in place, Malone Solutions can help propel your company into your goals.

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