Extraordinary Customer Service: Help Your Employees by Helping Yourself

Customer service has always been a “buzzword” in the service industry and companies that have experienced a high level of success will usually attribute it to the effectiveness of their team and the stellar customer service they provide. How can you, as their leader, take that positive performance and give back to your team in a productive way? By investing value, emphasis, and resources into your customer service department, you are providing them with the best all-around work experience and in turn they can provide the best customer service possible for your customers.

Ways to Give Back to your Team

When you give to your team, chances are they will be more willing to go that extra mile for the company, which will benefit everyone in the long run. The same principles used for measuring customer relationships and their success can be used within the customer service department:

  • Be appreciative. More than just saying thank you, do small things to make your team feel value such as a catered lunch or a dress-down Friday. Go out of your way to let them know they are an integral part of the organization and they will project that sentiment to the customers.
  • Create loyalty. Make it worth their while to stay at your organization. It may not be possible to increase their pay or offer days off but you can give them a leadership position or seniority privileges within the department. Alert them to the ability to move up the ranks so they have a definite incentive to stay and put in their time with your organization.
  • Measure it. Create a system in order to track their success. This is something that will provide a clear-cut way to distinguish the employees who perform at consistently high levels rather than those who only appear to be working hard.
  • Get feedback. With a focus on their feelings, you can get to know your customer service teams and know what makes them “tick.” You spend time learning about your clients so why not learn about those who serve your clients?
  • Provide resources. Invest some money into your customer service department and your organization will reap the benefits. From tools to assist them in their daily tasks to making their workspace more comfortable, the resources used by the customer service teams will be put to good use.
  • Educate appropriately. While the customer service department may not need to know about the technical side of your organization or even the accounting side, give your team an opportunity to learn about better customer service such as a class on dealing with difficult people.


Your associates work hard for your organization on a daily basis and when you consistently give back to them, your business will thrive. With the right team in place, you can move forward to growth and success. Contact the recruiting experts at Malone today to help you find the right employees for your company.

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