When to Start Looking for Candidates?

The worst time to look for a new candidate is when the position is already vacant and you needed it filled yesterday. Yet, surprisingly, this is when most employers become motivated enough to begin the search. In their desperation, they may fill the position with someone who isn’t the best fit or is unable to fulfill the job obligations as necessary. As an employer, when is the right time to look for new candidates? With simple planning, your team won’t be left in the lurch when someone moves on and you won’t have a high amount of downtime in the interim.

Timing is Everything

If you begin the search without a known opening, the potential candidate may not be available when the time comes to actually hire or they may accept another position in the meantime. It can be frustrating to find a strong candidate at the wrong time and miss out on the chance to hire them to complete your team. Even if you have an excellent HR department within your company, having an advocate on your side with experience and a vast network of connections can prove to be an added asset.

Planning Ahead

One of the biggest downfalls in a company is a lack of communication and planning. While it may sound easy to keep the communication lines within your organization, personnel changes can be one of the things that get overlooked or left until the last minute. Filling the spot can become a real challenge and the entire team can suffer from extra work, increased hours, and the stress of not being able to properly complete the tasks at hand. Here are three easy ways to alleviate some of these problems:

  1. Anticipate growth. This is a scary part of business leadership. If you over-reach, you may wind up with more people than available work but if you don’t plan, you’ll be short-staffed. This is where a contingency workforce is ideal, especially if you are on the brink of growth. Rather than commit to full-time employees, using an alternative can provide your desired results without a high risk.
  2. Talk to your teams. Know if they are stretched thin or someone is thinking about leaving. Your team will have a good idea of what is going on internally, and if you want to really know, ask questions and participate in active listening.
  3. Work with a strategic staffing partner who can provide you with the talent you need, when you need it. If the situation works out for both sides, you can consider hiring them on full time when your budget and needs allow. Until that time, they can be a valuable member of your team without the long-term commitment.


When you have a partner in your labor needs, you can achieve greater success than if you try to do it on your own. By choosing a company like Malone, you are making the decision to focus on the future of your company and allow the professionals to do their job of connecting you with top talent in the area. The experts at Malone have placed over 10,000 professionals in direct assignments, and your business could be next!

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