Strategic Staffing: The Benefits of a Partnership

Having the right team in place can help a business thrive, in any economy and with any product or service. Your staffing needs will likely fluctuate, and some needs may be easier to predict than others. When working with a staffing company to meet both your short and long-term goals, you have a partner ready to assist you no matter when the need to fill a position arises. With strategic staffing, your staffing partner can maximize your business goals.

In the past, a staffing agency was used when a full-time employee was out of the office for several days, weeks, or months. Sometimes it would be for maternity leave, a long illness, or just until the permanent candidate could move and start work at the position. The staffing agency was called to merely fill the spot for the interim without much chance of it going permanent. Today, this is not the case.

The staffing industry today exists to help clients find the right fit positions for their needs. A long-term, well established partnership allows the staffing partner to truly get to know and understand the needs of their client. When a client has the need to fill a position, the staffing partner is ready, already-well informed about the company culture and goals, ready to find the perfect candidate matching the needs of the position.

Here are a few benefits of creating a strategic relationship with your staffing partner:

  1. In the beginning, there will be a period of learning, where the client and partner will learn about one another. The client will learn exactly what the staffing partner has to offer, and what they will need to be successful. In return, the staffing partner learns the history, values, mission and culture of your company while learning what your  staffing needs are like. This foundation helps to establish a beneficial long-term relationship.
  2. Once the relationship is established, the staffing partner is ready for any  needs that may occur. Whether it is an unplanned vacancy needing to be filled immediately or a seasonal staffing need to fill a large number of positions, your partner knows your needs and will be ready to find the right candidates.
  3. A strategic plan will be created, helping to identify typical staffing needs and plan for the future. Creating a strategic staffing plan such as this will help a client meet both their short and long-term staffing goals, as well as the larger goals of the company.

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