How to Evaluate if a Candidate Fits Your Company Culture

When searching for a new candidate, it can be easy to focus on how your company can benefit them, but it is important to also evaluate if a candidate will fit in with your culture. The hiring should benefit both parties and create a positive experience for both the candidate and the company. Knowing how a candidate will fit in with your organization can sometimes be difficult to read during the first interview, after the candidates are narrowed down, a second interview with the other team members can help to complete the evaluation. Asking the right questions can give you the necessary information; their attitude and demeanor can also be telling.


Here are five key points to touch on during the interview to gauge their ability to adapt to your company culture:

  1. Know your culture. You can’t very well expect someone to adapt to your company culture if you can’t define it. It may be simple phrases such as, “Work hard, play hard.” Or you may have various ideas of how work should be completed and how team members should interact. If you have that defined before the interview process even begins, you can portray that attitude to the potential candidates.
  2. Be prepared to ask leading questions. When asked, you should hear the right answers. Questions that are insightful about their work habits, team-player abilities, expected hours, and even their prior workplace experiences will be helpful to the evaluation.
  3. Investigate outside the interview. Take time to view their social media presence to get a true idea of who they are, who they admire, and who they associate with. This can give you a strong sense of how they will fit in with your company culture.
  4. Ask the candidate to describe how others view them. Working with a team can be difficult for some people while others thrive on the group dynamic. If your company is based on teamwork and the candidate is a self-described loner, they may not fit in with your culture. Their answers will give you a small clue as to how they see themselves and how they think others see them.
  5. Dig deeper. Get to know the “whys” of why they chose this company, why they chose this career, why they are leaving their previous company, and why would they be a good fit. Patiently wait for the response; the more the candidate talks, the more you will hear about them.

The candidate search is more than just qualifications and work experience; attitude and cultural fit are also important. Their effectiveness on the team will be determined by how well they get along with your current company culture. No amount of school or willingness to work can make up for someone who has trouble getting along with others in your organization.


Malone is proud to offer contingent labor that can be a great fit for your company culture. Whether they are with your company for several days or they are offered a long-term position, Malone screens the candidates so you can look at the important requirements and skip the tedious skill assessments.

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