Five Ways to Attract Top Candidates

The top candidates are out there, and while some are actively searching for work, others are simply poised for the right opportunity. As a business owner, your desire is to attract the top candidates but without a plan, it can be difficult to know how to do that and how your mistakes are affecting that ability.  By making a wrong hire, you could cost the company money, time, and resources, so finding ways to attract the top candidates is critical. Here are five ways to aid in the hiring of new team members and to ensure they are the top choices for your organization:

  1. Be attractive. In a personal relationship, you put your best foot forward. The same is true of a professional relationship and your ability to be searched out by those with stellar talent. When your online presence is strong and positive, the right talent can find you and as they interact with your company, the attraction can grow stronger.
  2. Be definitive. The job description should be clear and candidates should understand what you’re offering in the way of a position and the expectations for the position. The other team members can help you with this aspect as they know what is needed for the position, or a professional recruiter can guide you through the keywords to use.
  3. Be social. Look within your own work-related social media networks and those within your organization. Many times, it is through a mutual connection that the top talent is recruited. What better way to find someone than through the recommendation of someone you already know and trust?
  4. Be proactive. Don’t wait for a job opening in your organization to interact with qualified people to add to the team. Encourage your staff to attend conferences, mixers, and other events where they are able to meet people in the field.  When the time comes to add new members, you will have a pool from which to draw to get things moving forward.
  5. Be cooperative. Consider working with a professional recruiting firm with an established candidate base. Not only will these candidates be properly vetted, but many times they are able to recommend candidates that will fit in well with your existing company culture. The recruiters will know if the person is continuing their education or has a background in the areas you require.

One of the biggest mistakes made by employers is to assume everyone wants to work at their company and the candidate is lucky to get an interview. In reality, both sides can mutually benefit from the employment and it can be positive thing for everyone involved.

For more information on ways to attract top candidates to successfully fill your open positions, reach out to the top recruiters at Malone today.

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